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New York Association for Marriage and Family Therapy


History of NYAMFT: 

Originally chartered in the 1970’s, the New York Division has seen many changes in the mental health
field in general and marriage and family therapy in particular.  After tireless efforts by many in the
organization, the profession was finally granted licensure by New York State in 2006.   Currently there
are over 800 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists in New York State. The Division consists of five
Chapters representing various geographic locations in New York State: Albany /Mid-Hudson, Central,
Genessee Valley, Long Island, and Metro. Each Chapter maintains a vibrant professional community in
its area as well as providing family and mental health services to the community.


NYAMFT Divsion Charter with AAMFT (2007)

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NYAMFT Bylaws (2006)

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NYAMFT Board of Directors


Board President: Carol Podgorski, LMFT 

Board Treasurer: Mitch Jaffe, LMFT 

Board Secretary: Elisa Duger, LMFT 

Member at Large: Emma Viglucci, LMFT 

Long Island Chapter President: Jeffrey Kaplan, LMFT 

Metro Chapter President: Cheryl Donald, LMFT 

Westchester Chapter: Tory Eletto, LMFT

Albany/ Hudson Valley Chapter: Diana Palmer, LMFT

Central Chapter President: Heather Hay, LMFT 

Genesse Valley Chapter: Lily Wolf, LMFT


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    530 Oak Street
    Syracuse, NY 13203

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